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Q9. In Fig. 12-21, a vertical rod is hinged at its lower end and attached to a cable at its upper end. A horizontal force F~ a is to be applied to the rod as shown. If the point at which the force is applied is moved up the rod, does the tension in the cable increase, decrease, or remain the same? ——— Increase.
Under the action of gravity alone the rod would move to a vertical position. But for small deflections from the vertical the restoring force due to gravity is sufficiently small to be ignored. There is no torque due to gravity on the rod. J V J TJO J ÙJ DPT J Ù J F Typesetting math: 100%.
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Looking down into where the paper goes in, there is a little black lever sticking up (about 8cm to the right of the left end of the platen). This is the paper detect lever. The other end is a "flap" that goes between a photodetector. Make sure this lever moves freely. Open up the case (don't worry, it is very simple). Pull the big platen knob off.
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Jun 27, 2010 · A uniform beam of length, L, and mass, M, is freely pivoted at one end about an attachment point in a wall. The other end is supported by a horizontal cable also attached to the wall, so that the beam makes an angle phi with the horizontal as shown below. To answer the questions below, find algebraic expressions for the tension in the cable, the angular acceleration of the beam, should the ...
Nov 27, 2010 · One end of a thin rod is attached to a pivot, about which it can rotate without friction. Air resistance is absent. The rod has a length of 0.59 m and is uniform. It is hanging vertically straight downward. The end of the rod nearest the floor is given a linear speed v0, so that the rod begins to rotate upward about the pivot.
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Three identical rods are connected by hinges to each other, the outmost ones are hinged to a ceiling at points A and B. The distance between these points is twice the length of a rod. A weight of mass m is hanged onto hinge C. ***At least how strong a force onto hinge D is neces- sary to keep the system stationary with the rod CD horizontal?
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A thin rod (length = 1.816 m) is oriented vertically, with its bottom end attached to the floor by means of a frictionless hinge. The mass of the rod may be ignored, compared to the mass of an object fixed to the top of the rod. The rod, starting from rest, tips over and rotates downward.

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